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Prayer Lists
Hospital/Nursing Home/Homebound
Those in need of your prayers are listed here. Please pray for them.

Jesus withLamb

Craig Kempinski, Ed Edelen, Mary Wingfield, Mary Cinardo,  David Goodman, Lisa Lucina, Stephen Esposito, Zachary Esposito, Denise Lynskey, Ann Kolb, Greg Mayes, Lou Selke, Ralph Croson, Peter Milosky, Don Thornburg, Steve Myres, Pat Keelan, Ray Brown, Barbara Oliveira, Rena Grant, Joan Callet, Jameus Wilson, Seamus Cassidy, Ted Toth, Bob Pesce, Lisa, Bella & Tony Delmont, Bill Herceo, Marie Trent, Karen Tinelli, Brenda Fields, Joseph Lada, Lesley-Anne Brown, Paul Behan, Valerie Paras, Robert & Mary Fagnant, Gary Mulrine, Marie Trent, Brantley Foster, Ken McKeon, Mary Van Dee, Joe Fusco, Rachel DeMeo, James Rauh, John Clarke, Bob Morin, Ann Austin, Annette McMullen, Peggy Trancynger, Bob Myres, Tim Horton, Dick Wagner, Nancy Bonini, Jodi Glennon, The Pesce Family, Tom Grecco, Baby Catherine Elizabeth, Margaret Lazarz, Barb Mains, Joseph & Joan Dean, Matthew Bevando, Adain Doran, Kathlyn Wodarski, Coby Berger, Carole Bradley, Betty Finocchiaro, Austin Bennett Paul, Daniel Orband, Paul Webster, Natalie Prado, Gracelyn Beasely, Sr. Barbara Mary Marshall, Danny Nicoll, Vodie Baker, Tony Caughey, Venita Proctor, Eleanor McCormack, Judy Rattigan,  Judy Eidson, Mary Anne Collins, Teresa Barfield, Patty Libby, William Kempinski, Edward McKenna, Jay Myers, James McKenna, Robert Van Dee,  Linda Heinz, Karen Simpkins, Tony Mazza, Patricia Butler, Agnes Black, Marylin Wink.

        For communion in hospitals call Deacon Charlie Fiore @ 650-6139.


Florence Filachek, Mary Stoever, Irene Kubasch, Jean Doherty, Chester Maykowski, Mary Reed, Letitia McGlone, Florence Hashey, Rita O’Driscoll, Barry Gwyer, Ruth Henneghan, Francis Walters, Mary Bock, Lucy Forlano, Florence Bushman, Gloria Budkoski, William Moore, Jim Stephano, Joan Gorski, Mary Rose Sokorai, Charles Pratt, Eugene Berggren, Wava Parker, John Eisinger, Nancy James, Ann Jones.

For ministry to nursing homes, call Fr. Johnbosco Duraismy, 651-3737, ext. 223.

Vince & Joan Lobosco,  Richard Coombs, Mary Weigh, Maria Scibona, Carmen Howard, Jim Joyce, Betty Brown, Jane Hassler, Mary Walters, Alice Gilbride,  Patricia Rohrey, Eileen Selke, Wendy Stephano, Marion Dalton, Geraldine Muldrow, Pat Hinterberger, Maureen Caggiano, Julie Pritchard, Dorothy Beck, Barbara Figura, Margaret  Wojcinowicz, David Pait Jr., Jesse Regnesburg, Mary Collins, Maritza Isabelle, John Sementelli.

For ministry to the homebound, call Fr. Johnbosco Duraismy, 651-3737, ext. 223.


Last Published: November 30, 2015 8:46 AM
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Eileen Sheehy, Accountant - esheehy@saintmichaelsc.net
Deacon Rob Starr - deaconstarr@gmail.com (Marriage)
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Mary Alice Yopp, Office Assistant- may@saintmichaelsc.net (Gift Shop)
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