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Mass Intentions
Saturday,  December 16
8:00 am Dean Dudevoire and Salvatore Carruba
4:00 pm Antonia Watson and Deceased Members of the Naccarato & McIntyre Families
6:00 pm Maryellen & Dan Plecha’s 35th Wedding Anniversary and Adeline (Bella) Fulton
Sunday, December 17
7:00 am Parish and Margherita Chiramonte
9:00 am Rev. Edmund McCaffrey and Deceased Members of Teresi & Telga Families
11:00 am Robert Charbonneau Family and Genieve Montemarano & Family
5:00 pm Joseph Jacobs, Sr. and Tom Wilson & Louis Ciurciu
Monday,  December 18
8:00 am Laurette Larkin and Betty & Ray Lowry
6:00 pm Souls in Purgatory
Tuesday,  December 19
8:00 am Anniversary of Ted & Mary Ann Gentilucci and Gertrude Gordon
12:00 pm Joellen Sadowski and Andrea Kowalczyk
Wednesday, December 20
8:00 am Kenneth Phelps and Mary Daly
6:00 pm Rolando Tinio and The Hart-Heslin Families—Living & Deceased
Thursday, December 21 [St. Peter Canisius]
8:00 am Diane Monda and Hattie Kornegay & Genevive Graves
12:00 pm Susan Ferreira and Michael Miller (Living) and Margaret & John Finn and James Iseman
Friday,  December 22
8:00 am George Jordan and Members of Jim & Lois McGuire Family
Saturday,  December 23 [St. John of Kanty]
8:00 am Harold Anderson and Vera & Bob Finn
4:00 pm Emil & Sarah Horvath and Adele Russell
6:00 pm Frank Corrigan and Joseph E. Mero
Sunday, December 24
7:00 am  Parish  and Mike, J.J., Candy Griffith (Living)
9:00 am Mark Mychajluk and Sallie Jacobs
11:00 am Ruth Lord and Mary Schlink
4:00 pm Richard Raynor and Ed Wieczorkowski
4:15 pm Bergeret & Tinio Families—In Thanksgiving and James Ducker
9:30 pm Carol Hinkle and Josephine & Stanley Sadowski



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Very Rev. Edward W. Fitzgerald, JCL, VF, Pastor - pastor@saintmichaelsc.net
     (Dean - Myrtle Beach Deanery)
Rev. J.P. Narichetti, Parochial Vicar - frjpsaintmichael@gmail.com
Deacon Manny Acosta - lolo.acosta3@gmail.com
Deacon Bob Davis - dcnbob0531@gmail.com
Deacon Rob Starr - deaconstarr@gmail.com
Ann Brigido, Finance - abrigido@saintmichaelsc.net
Thereasa Crabb, Dir. of Religious Education - dre@saintmichaelsc.net (Baptisms)
Lexy Edelen, Music & Liturgy - ledelen@saintmichaelsc.net
Liz Fontaine, Religious Education Assistant - lizf@saintmichaelsc.net
Kay Hill, Secretary - khill@saintmichaelsc.net (Sacramental Records)
Joe Murphy, Buildings & Grounds - jmurphy@saintmichaelsc.net
Susan Starr, Youth Ministry - ym@saintmichaelsc.net
Mary Alice Yopp, Office Assistant- may@saintmichaelsc.net(Gift Shop)
Virginia Yorzinski, Office Manager (Notary) - virginiay@saintmichaelsc.net  (Event Scheduling/Annulment Case Asst.)
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