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Parish Support Groups

Jesus withLambcancer support

We have four support groups at St. Michael's that meet regularly as follows:


Connie Schoch

and David Kriebel

Connie - 843-750-0307

David - 843-650-8161

Third Tuesday of the month at 10:30 am in our Parish Activity Center Hall.


Laura Flint

and Connie Schoch

Laura - 843-650-4461

Connie - 843-750-0307

Check parish calendar or call contacts for meeting schedule.


Peg Hagan

and John Gibson

Peg - 843-902-4547

John - 843-357-2603

The second and fourth Thursday of the month in our Parish Activity Center Hall at 11 am.  New members are asked to arrive at 10 am to meet with Peg in Room B.
CAREGIVER / ALZHEIMER'S SUPPORT Ruth Keilen, Mercy Care Hospice

Ruth Keilen 843-848-6480


The first Monday of each month in our Parish Activity Center, Room A, 10:30 am.
DIVORCE RECOVERY  Barbara Umpleby,  Marriage/Family Therapist

Barbara - 609-422-6855

Thereasa Crabb, Parish Office - 651-3737, ext.227

Meets on Tuesday evenings, 6 pm, Parish Activity Center, Room B.

Everyone is welcome to join in the meetings at any time.  Whether you are a registered parishioner, visitor, or part-time member, feel free to stop by if you feel the need for fellowship and sharing with others who can understand your situation and feelings.  All groups are ecumenical - you don't need to be Catholic to attend.


You can find a listing of Catholic websites, including the Diocese of Charleston, here. Click on the "Catholic Links" heading above for a listing.

Please let us know how we can assist you.  Refer to the staff member you would like to send an e-mail to and click on their e-mail address to send a message.  You can also find our phone extensions on the "Parish Staff" listing under the "Parish" tab above.  We will respond to you as soon as possible.

MONDAY-THURSDAY: 8:30am-4:30pm
FRIDAY:  8:30am-3pm
Very Rev. Edward W. Fitzgerald, JCL, VF, Pastor - pastor@saintmichaelsc.net
     (Dean - Myrtle Beach Deanery)
Rev. J.P. Narichetti, Parochial Vicar - frjpsaintmichael@gmail.com
Deacon Manny Acosta - lolo.acosta3@gmail.com
Deacon Bob Davis - dcnbob0531@gmail.com
Deacon Rob Starr - deaconstarr@gmail.com
Ann Brigido, Finance - abrigido@saintmichaelsc.net
Thereasa Crabb, Dir. of Religious Education - dre@saintmichaelsc.net (Baptisms)
Lexy Edelen, Music & Liturgy - ledelen@saintmichaelsc.net
Liz Fontaine, Religious Education Assistant - lizf@saintmichaelsc.net
Cheryl Ferguson, Parish Secretary - cferguson@saintmichaelsc.net
Joe Murphy, Buildings & Grounds - jmurphy@saintmichaelsc.net
Susan Starr, Youth Ministry - ym@saintmichaelsc.net
Mary Alice Yopp, Office Assistant- may@saintmichaelsc.net(Gift Shop)
Virginia Yorzinski, Office Manager (Notary) - virginiay@saintmichaelsc.net  (Event Scheduling/Annulment Case Asst.)
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